There are more advanced and elevated ways to configure your home or business network – and Insight Technologies can help facilitate them for you. One outstanding example of this is Ubiquiti Networks’ great router and WiFi products like UniFi, which can advance your networking abilities beyond the common, ordinary wireless networking and cloud configurations.

Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key

We use Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key for hybrid cloud device management. We determine each Cloud Key deployment based on use case, which allows us to tailor-make each client add-on in a scalable way. The Cloud Key is meant for small to medium sized installations – our average small business client set-up. As a managed service provider, we’re generally deploying it on-premise and managing the customer network from the cloud via

The UniFi Cloud Key is designed for smaller to medium-sized installations and would fit the need for a more residential to a small business application. It can be powered via PoE or USB and consumes very little power as well as it being a one-time purchase.

A cloud controller is meant for medium to larger installations and would typically be a recurring cost.

Either would provide the ability to access and control the network from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection on both the controller side and the client side.

Testimony on Ubiquiti

Says Troy Hunt, Ubiquiti aficionado, regarding his experience with these products: “What I really like about Ubiquiti’s approach is that while you can get down to this very fine level of control from within the UI, it never gets in the way of configuring the fundamentals. I don’t have a need for rate and beacon control and I don’t see it by default or even when drilling down into the advanced options (it’s collapsed by default), but when I need it, it’s easy to find.

Once the WiFi is configured, it’s pushed out to all the access points. Remember, this is all being set up on the Cloud Key and the config then needs to be applied as required, but that happens automatically when you save any settings. It’s a seamless experience.

I love how much information is coming back here. For example, port 5 is only talking at 100/10Mbps, the slowest of the lot. That’s because it’s connected to the base station for my surveillance cameras and inevitably it doesn’t require quite the same throughput as the things on the other ports. Speaking of which, there are 5 ports using PoE which is the Cloud Key and 4 of the wireless access points. The 1Gbps port with no PoE links to the switch in the study and while all this may be more information than what I actually need, it doesn’t get in the way of the essential stuff.

I wanted to take people through the things I wish I’d known when I originally started down the UniFi path, namely the following which is broken into logical course modules:

  • Why UniFi: This looks at the problems UniFi is setting out to solve, namely issues such as our growing expectation of having Wi-Fi everywhere, the need to roam seamlessly across a network and the ever-expanding commercial use cases.
  • Understanding UniFi: One of the main things I needed to wrap my head around when I started out was actually understanding what all the bits were. There are access points and switches and a security gateway and a Cloud Key – what do all these things do?!
  • Designing Your UniFi Network: Here I start to lay out typical use cases, for example, the minimum requirements for a small environment such as an apartment (which could equally be applied to a small coffee shop), or a house (which could equally be applied to a restaurant).
  • Configuring UniFi: Finally, I actually build and set up a network. I found a perfect use case I’ll talk more about in a moment and I go through – step by step – everything from plugging the units into configuring the network until it’s up and entirely functional.”

Insight Technologies is committed to giving all our customers the very best in advanced cloud and wireless networking options – with products like Ubiquiti

Another Ubiquiti user who is shouting about it in a big way is Scott Helme, who has a lot to say about his Ubiquiti home network.

What’s Scott’s verdict on Ubiquiti?

“Honestly, I have to say it’s awesome. I have considerably more WiFi coverage than I did before and it’s a lot faster than my previous 802.11ac access point. Not only that but internally I can sustain slightly faster transfers on the network despite my previous switches also being gigabit. Interestingly I also seem to be pulling a couple of extra megabits on my internet connection too. I’m guessing that’s down to better hardware more than anything but thoughts below if you have any. If you’re looking for a serious kit to power your home or business network, then I’d recommend checking out Ubiquiti!”

Your USG may need a firmware update before it can do PPPoE with your modem. We can help you with that, and the setting up of your WiFi network in general. You will have a slightly different network from any other user, but we can create you a main WiFi network, a guest WiFi network segregated on its own VLAN, and a few static IP assignments internally for your server. Upon beholding the finished product, you will see how refined and multi-use the Ubiquiti product is.

Insight Technologies Gives You Better Cloud and Wireless Networking Choices

With Insight Technologies’ guidance, you can expand your networking horizons with Ubiquiti hardware which will have you, too, accessing its abilities to better facilitate your cloud and business communications “ubiquity,” backed by the best cloud control and IT support in North Dakota.

Give us a call at (701) 775-5512 or send an email to our Grand Forks and Fargo ND offices at to learn more about our great Ubiquiti product options that will boost your business’ wireless networking capabilities to the max!

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