Your website is the image you project to the world. Every day it becomes more important.

Your website is the first impression potential customers take away with them.

And your ability to interact with your target demographic online is a huge contributing factor to your success.

That’s why it’s a good idea to ensure you look your best — right from the start.

But, we can do so much more than just build you a sleek website design that gets noticed.

We will help you leverage search engine optimization, build online sales platforms, and even implement workflow management systems for your behind-the-scenes employees.

By providing all your website needs in one place—and by offering them in tandem with our entire suite of IT support services—you can do more, reach farther, and pay less!

Web Development for Today and Tomorrow

One of the hallmarks of quality website development is the ability to grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of the market.

Social media is constantly evolving to come up with new ways to reach customers.

Visitors to your website expect to be able to purchase goods and services at the click of a button.

And YOUR business must keep up with these trends to survive.

That’s what we provide!

Check out our process!

Website Development Grand Forks

Discovery – Discovery is where we learn about your business, your goals and objectives, and your marketing plans. By the end of the discovery, we have a plan to make your new website a success!

Design – Design takes your requirements and preferences and brings them to life in a graphical representation of the final website. During this phase, your input will have a big impact on the look and feel of the final site.

Website Design Grand Forks
Grand Forks Website Development

Development – We have a strong focus on the technical aspect of building robust and stable websites. Our technical excellence becomes apparent in the maintenance and behind-the-scenes interactions with your site.

Testing – In the testing phase, we begin to refine the content and polish up the last details. We also put your new site through various tests to make sure everything is ready to go.

Grand Forks Web Design
 website development Fargo

Deployment/Launch – Deployment marks the beginning of a new phase for your new website. The operational phase! You get to show the world your new website. We’ll take care of the technical stuff to allow you to focus on your promotions and celebration of your new site.

Do you love details? We do too!

Responsive Design 

The majority of people now access the internet from mobile devices. Your website must look great and function flawlessly on those devices!A responsive website thinks of the web and all different devices as a whole allowing it to adjust based on the device.

Methods used to accomplish responsive websites include:

  • Fluid Layouts
  • Flexible Images
  • Flexible Menus
  • Responsive CSS Styling
  • Touch Device Support

Benefits of Responsive Design include:

  • Enhanced usability and appropriate user experience
  • Improved efficiency of mobile devices
  • Easier to manage and maintain
  • Cost effective as one is built rather than separate sites for desktop and mobile

Content Management Systems 

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to update your website without knowledge of HTML. Find the Right Tool

Each one of our clients is unique and has different website needs. When we plan a website, we want to find the tool that fits the needs of the client. Our developers have experience using a wide variety of mainstream CMS’s including Sitefinity, DotNetNuke, Joomla, MODx, Drupal, WordPress and more.

Custom or Customized

Sometimes a client’s needs are unique enough that pre-built CMS solutions do not meet those goals. We are experienced in developing extensions to various existing Content Management Systems and also writing tools to meet the specific need.

  • Social Media – Part of a holistic online asset strategy is Social Media. No longer is it a separate part of your online efforts. It is an integrated part of an online asset ecosystem that plays into your online marketing efforts. We will set up your social media accounts, help you find your target audience, and show you how content creation and disbursement on those Social Media platforms will help your SEO.
  • eCommerce Solutions – An online store can deliver immediate advantages to your business.
    • Lower operational costs
    • Increasing trust
    • Meeting shifting demographic demand

    Without an eCommerce store, you could be missing out on a much wider audience. We can help you research which eCommerce option is right for your business, and help you get up and running.

Search Engine Optimization 

Improving your ranking requires strategy and planning, and analytics should always be the first step in that plan. You could blindly invest in better content, but if it isn’t connecting with your goal market, then even the best content may not yield the desired results.

Analytics can show you where your current markets are, and provide hints into where your best ROI may lie. Search engine optimization should always be weighed against return on investment because no company wants to throw money at a possible solution on the off chance it works.

Optimization is a Process

There are hundreds of nuances in SEO, and no specific solution is ironclad. SEO “packages” are typically billed as a one-step fix for your problems, yet the cost of these can grow quickly, and some of the promises aren’t realistic.

We believe that a conservative approach with measurable results is best. If you have goals for your site or believe that your site is under-performing, we can help build a strategy to get you there.

Every website we launch has analytics, is built for indexing, and uses best practices for content identification and ranking.

When your website is completed, you will be able to grow your website knowing that the website development has made it easy for search indexes to see your content.

Web Hosting 

Our robust hosting platform offers the features and performance of large hosting systems with the added benefit of having local support. Our packages are flexible to fit your exact hosting needs and include the following features:

  • Hosting in the cloud
  • Robust hosting features
  • Windows or Linux
  • Local Support
  • Automated Backups
  • Control Panel Access

SmartCare: Support and Maintenance There When You Need Us

Client satisfaction is our goal, and the key to happy clients is an ongoing relationship. This is why, after your website or other web-based solutions go live, we’ll be available to answer any questions you have and make sure your project is a success. Not only are we proud to stand behind what we do, but we can also support most solutions you already have in place.

One of the most important questions in any project is how you plan to update your site after it goes live. If you’re like many of our clients, you don’t have time to make changes on your site — no matter how easy it is to update. That’s why we offer maintenance plans like SmartCare to help keep your site fresh with new, accurate content.


SmartCare is a customized maintenance plan tailored to your needs. Whether you require daily or monthly updates, we’ll put together a package that works for you. Just email us your site updates, and we’ll get them posted on your site within a specific period of time.

What do you get with SmartCare?

  • Fast Turn-Around – Clients are often surprised how quickly their changes can be made.
  • Professional Quality – Updates are made by a knowledgeable developer adhering to industry standards.
  • Saved Time – Our developers do this for a living, they know exactly how to create the desired end product, and the fastest way to get it done right.
  • Saved Money – Without maintenance plans, you’ll end up paying hourly rates that may not appear to be reasonable for simple changes. Or if you are making changes yourself and comparing the value of your time to the cost of SmartCare, it often makes sense.

Let’s get you into a website that you will love and that others can find! Contact us now at (701) 775-5512 or

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