Standing out in your Field

The internet is like a tremendously vast room, bustling with salesmen all shouting at millions of people which are wandering through the room, looking for something relevant to their interests or needs. Search engines primarily act as organizers, grouping salesmen with similar messages so that interested consumers have a general idea where to go for what they want, but they go one step further, ranking messages on their topical relevance. Ultimately, that topical relevance ranking is the key to search engine optimization.

Your website can be your hardest working salesman, presenting a compelling message with exactly the information potential customers desire every second of the year. If your website isn’t saying anything of relevance, your search ranking and site’s traffic are going to reflect that. Sure, you can try “shouting louder”, but an eloquently stated, clear message will always win in the end.

Analytics are Important

Improving your ranking requires strategy and planning, and analytics should always be the first step in that plan. You could blindly invest in better content, but if it isn’t connecting with your goal market then even the best content may not yield the desired results. Analytics can show you where your current markets are, and provide hints into where your best ROI may lie. Search engine optimization should always be weighed against return on investment, because no company wants to throw money at a possible solution on the off chance it works.

Optimization is a Process

There are hundreds of nuances in SEO, and no specific solution is ironclad. SEO “packages” are typically billed as a one-step fix for your problems, yet the cost of these can grow quickly and some of the promises aren’t realistic. We believe that a conservative approach with measurable results is best. If you have goals for your site, or believe that your site is under-performing, we can help build a strategy to get you there.

Every website we launch has analytics, is built for indexing, and uses best practices for content identification and ranking. We develop websites with search engine optimization in mind. When your website is completed, you will be able to grow your website knowing that the website development has made it easy for search indexes to see your content.

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