Take a look at our process.

While each project is different, there are eight general milestones in a project. Explore these basic milestones below and learn a little about our process and what you can expect.

  • Discovery & Kickoff
  • Planning & Design
  • Front
  • Programming
  • Content
  • Testing
  • Go
  • Maintenance

  1. Discovery & Kickoff

    Information gathering and beginning planning stages. During this phase, we learn about your business and help identify your needs.

  2. Planning & Design

    During this phase of the project, the graphical look of the website is created and customized to fit your business.

    We partner with The Promersberger Company to create website designs that are tailored for your audience and represent your business identity.

  3. Front End

    This is when we convert the design files into functional code that runs in your browser. This code is the interactive experience that your website will present to a visitor.

  4. Programming

    The core functionality of the website is developed. This is mainly code that runs on the server and takes care of the heavy lifting in the background.

  5. Content Writing

    Here is where we gather or write content for the website. Content includes the text, images, data tables, and interactive elements that will appear on the pages of the website.

  6. Testing & Feedback

    After the website is nearly complete, we focus on testing what has been developed. This includes testing for multiple browsers on multiple devices to ensure a consistent experience for all of your visitors.

  7. Go Live

    The final approved website gets moved to the live server where it will be hosted. We do an additional round of testing after the website has been moved.

  8. Maintenance

    Whether your website has a Content Management System or if you are using Smartcare, your website will need maintenance. We work to help you keep your website up to date.

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