“[Insight Technologies] took the time to listen to our concerns and took into account the needs within each department when designing a website that would work for us both in the actual website and for the backend management/admin system.”

Brianne Hoffman Marketing/Executive Assistant

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Responsive Websites

Growth of mobile traffic on the internet is continuing to accelerate at a fast pace. The many different sizes and resolutions of devices that are released make it impossible to accomodate for current and future devices with separate mobile websites for each type of device.

Responsive Design changes all of that. A responsive website starts to think of the web and all different devices as a whole. Ideally all different devices and browsers will have a usable experience that is catered to each device. Some of the methods that are used to accomplish responsive websites are:

  • Fluid Layouts
  • Flexible Images
  • Responsive CSS Styling
  • Touch Device Support

Content Management Systems

Powerful tools are available to allow you to update your own website without the need to have knowledge of HTML or how a website works. These tools manage the complex tasks for updating and maintaining website content so you can keep your site up to date using word processing tools that you are already familiar with using.

A single CMS may not meet all of your editing needs. We work with various different CMS platforms to utilize their features and extend the functionality.

Custom Web Applications

Your business or organization most likely has multiple systems to track and record data. You may also be using manual methods to track data. The data that is tracked is often hard to format into a usable format, and requires many hours of manual labor to compile reports.

Our custom web applications will integrate your data into a common place where you can manage the data as well as have it all available at your fingertips. Instead of working for your data, make your data work for you.

eCommerce Solutions

Online stores may be a big part of your business or you may want to make it a part of your business. We have the experience to help manage and develop your online store.

Website Support & Maintenance

A website isn’t done after it is live. There will be ongoing maintenance and updates to the website to keep the information relevant as well as ensuring proper security and performance of the site. Our maintenance plans are set up to make updating your website as painless as possible. These plans are custom fit to your needs and keep our professional web developers involved in your website. You will just need to let us know what needs to be updated and let us handle everything else.


Our robust hosting platform offers the features and performance of large hosting systems with the added benefit of having local support. Our packages are flexible to fit your exact hosting needs and include the following features:

  • Hosted in the cloud
  • Robust hosting features
  • Windows or Linux
  • Local Support
  • Automated Backups
  • Control Panel Access

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