What Should You Do?

Law firms just like yours throughout North Dakota are leveraging VMWare.

And why not?

VMWare is a leader in the virtualization space, and law firms that use it are able to be more efficient and productive.

But even though VMWare makes outstanding virtualization hardware and software, your law firm is still dependent on either an in-house hosting solution or a third-party hosting option.

How’s that working out for you?

Let’s face the facts.

If you’ve read this far, it’s because…

Your Current VMWare Hosting Solution Just Isn’t Cutting It For You.

So, what are you going to do?

Well, the wrong thing to do would be to do nothing. Doing nothing results in stagnation and repetition of current problems. The issues you’re experiencing with your current IT services company and their hosting options are only going to get worse, and your firm’s internal workflow will suffer.

Let’s ask this question…

Why Did Your Law Firm Sign Up To Use VMWare In The First Place?

These are the common reasons:

  • We wanted the convenience of cloud-based desktops.
  • We wanted to save money.
  • We wanted to go green and use less hardware and less electricity.
  • We wanted anytime, anywhere, any device access to our applications and data.
  • We wanted VMWare as a part of our business continuity

Have you realized the benefits you had hoped to gain from your switch to VMWare?

If you’re not getting all that you thought you would get out of VMWare, there’s a good chance that it’s not the fault of VMWare, but it’s your hosting solution and the maintenance/monitoring solution that should be run in tandem with that hosting solution.

You May Identify With This Scenario

You’re a boutique law firm in North Dakota that currently uses one VMWare physical box and you’re data, desktops, and applications are all hosted by one of our competitors.

Sure, they’re great guys, but it’s just not working out for you. You feel like maybe they don’t have the kind of VMWare expertise you need as your firm grows.

So, you’re thinking about taking a second look at the Insight Technologies team and a VMWare migration to our hosting solution.

But that’s where it stops.

It’s always a little scary to think about having someone move all your information, your applications, and your virtual desktops to their hosting solution.


Because that data and those virtualized assets are the bread and butter of your entire operation. If something were to happen during the migration, your firm would wind up on the losing end.

“So,” you think to yourself, “maybe I’m best just to leave things as they are. Maybe I should stay with my current VMWare hosting provider.”

Why All The Nervousness Surrounding A VMWare Migration?

You don’t approach even the most difficult cases and clients with this kind of trepidation.

Don’t worry. The Insight Technologies team has seen this before.

Do you know what makes most of the clients that we do VMWare migrations for nervous?

Virtualization is new enough that they’re not sure they trust it yet. Getting them to move to VMWare in the first place was a leap of faith on their part, and so far, they’re doing okay with it. But then asking them to trust a new partner (Insight Technologies) to move everything over to our hosting solution, is scary.


Because in the new client’s mind, “migration” feels very much like “magic,” and they don’t want anyone playing tricks with their data, applications, virtual desktops, and virtual servers.

If we were back in the old days of paper, they no doubt would be more comfortable. With paper files, they could load everything up in banker’s boxes at their storage facility, put it in a moving van, and physically deliver it to our storage facility.

Simple, right?

The old days of paper had that advantage of storage and transfer transparency. We saw the files physically move from one location to another, and we were okay with that.

Today, inexperienced or inept IT companies that offer VMWare hosting count on your law firm either being too busy to look into a better hosting solution or too afraid of the migration process to move away from them to their competition.

Common Fears of the VMWare Migration Process

  • “I’m worried that some or all of our data will get ”
  • “I’m concerned that the migration process will disrupt our workflow or our ongoing cases.”
  • “I’m uncertain as to whether a new VMWare host will be any better than our current solution.”
  • “I’m apprehensive because I feel like I just don’t know enough about virtualization and hosting to make an informed choice regarding a migration.”
  • “I’m just not sure I’m ready to trust a new VMWare support and hosting provider.”

The Cure for VMWare Migration Apprehension


You need executive-level advice, and the Insight Technologies team of friendly IT consultants will deliver that information in plain language that’s easy for you and your leadership team to digest. We will show you that a better VMWare hosting solution includes more than just hosting. A great hosting solution should provide:

  • A seamless migration process
  • Transparency – resulting from continuous monitoring and regular reporting
  • Management that ensures that your virtual machines, applications, and data are there when you need them
  • Help Desk and Troubleshooting to support all your staff’s VMWare questions or VMWare performance issues
  • Executive-level consultation to give your firm’s leadership the answers you need regarding your use of VMWare and the potential applications of VMWare in your growth agenda.

Stagnation happens hen a body of water – like a puddle, pond, or lake – doesn’t move.

Do you want your business technology to stagnate?

As we noted earlier, the worst thing you can do is to do nothing.

So, what should you do?

Get some information!

Reach out to the Insight Technologies team and get answers to your questions about VMWare, VMWare hosting, and VMWare migrations. Once you have more information, then you can make the best decision for your law firm.

Want to learn more about VMWare? We have lots of informative articles on our blog HERE.

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