Denise Hartze is Insight Technologies’ Vice President of Finance and has been part of the team since August 1998. Her favorite thing about working in her chosen field is the ongoing challenge to complete monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks and keep up with the ever-evolving services Insight Technologies provides to our clients.

A married mom with 3 active kids, Denise spends a lot of her time outside of the office making sure her kids make it to their numerous activities, which include soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, orchestra, summer performing arts, and just about any intramural event available. As she’s the one getting them to and from school and everything else, she thinks of herself as “the bus driver,” often finding herself triple-booked and needing to call for help from friends and family. The one piece of technology she couldn’t live without is her phone calendar and alarm (it really helps with the whole triple-booked thing).

When Denise does have a little downtime, she enjoys family time at the lake and jogging. Her dream vacation would be a trip to Hawaii with her family, and if she could have dinner with anyone from history, she would choose her parents – she has a long list of questions she would love to ask them.

The words of wisdom that she’d like to share is that it really does take a village to raise a kid. Help is needed often, and you should never hesitate to ask for it.

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