The wheels of justice may grind slowly, but your law firm is a busy place!

Lawyers, secretaries, paralegals – all using the same network to access the information that’s going to win you that next big case.
But while you are using your network, who is maintaining it?

  • Have in-house IT staff? We can help them and ease their workload.
  • Need a totally outsourced IT team? We can do that too!

Insight Technologies specializes in providing all-encompassing IT solutions for law firms.

We can help you realize the benefits of available technologies and customize the latest computer solutions to meet your firm’s needs.

  • Streamline Your Communications – in the office and on the road
  • Optimize Your Network – to get the speed and reliability you need
  • Integrate Your Software – so your applications all “talk” to each other efficiently
  • Protect Your Data – preserving your firm’s good reputation

DO MORE with Insight Technologies on your side!

  • IT Solutions Grand Forks
    Streamline your list of statutes of limitations and benefit from ticklers, searchable date lists, and visual calendars for full visibility on future dates.
  • Attach inter-office and outside emails to cases to form a log of electronic communication that all staff can review.
     Grand Forks IT Solutions
  • IT Solutions Fargo
    Maintain continuously updated Counsel lists specific to individual cases.
  • Prevent losing track of billable hours by billing directly from your calendar or enter time slips and expenses as you work.
    Fargo IT Solutions
  • IT Solutions For Law Firms Grand Forks
    Automatically monitor deadlines associated with any pleading, i.e. Answer to Complaints, Notices to Produce, Subpoenas, etc.
  • Continuously link between cases and the documents that have been created relating to them.
     Grand Forks IT Solutions For Law Firms
  • IT Solutions For Law Firms Fargo
    Exchange information on your office network seamlessly with your PDA or Smartphone.

Already have an IT system in place? No problem! We can advise you on ways to improve its performance or extend its capabilities.

Contact us now at (701) 775-5512 or for a free, no-obligation it evaluation and consultation.

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