Insight Technologies CEO Brian Burkett Gives And Gets Back More From The Kids At 4H

This week Brian Burkett had the privilege of judging at the NDSU Ward County 4H Achievement days. It was a great opportunity to work with kids presenting their projects across several different categories, including technology.

According to Brian, “Every time I do this I am impressed with the caliber of the 4H kids. They always ‘hit their projects out of the park.’ Thank you to the 4H leadership for inviting me, and I am looking forward to doing this again next year! ”

We’re always thrilled to help kids learn to use technology. And we take every opportunity we can to do this.

Technology has changed just about every aspect of life, and this is no different for our children. Tablets are replacing textbooks, and technology has completely transformed the way kids learn.

While some worry about our dependence on technology, it has paid innumerable dividends including in the classroom. Using technology both inside and outside the classroom can not only boost collaboration opportunities and student retention but also make information more accessible to all.

Students can now access educational information more easily than we could in years past. This availability has helped both children and teachers in many ways.

Interactive Websites

Today’s schools are using interactive websites to help students access their homework and resources to complete assignments. Thanks to technology, schools and educators have the capability of channeling internet resources to include only educationally appropriate sites.

Kids can visit a site, read a story, and then answer questions the teacher has assigned. When complete, their answers are tallied and they get immediate feedback on how they performed. Post-quiz breakdowns show them which questions they answered right and which they answered incorrectly.

This helps them process information instantly, as opposed to waiting until the next day in class when the assignment is discussed. There are interactive websites for subjects like math, spelling, science, social studies, language arts, and more.


Technology has helped to improve the lines of communication between educators and students (and their parents). Thanks to e-mail, teachers are now more accessible than ever before. Parents and children are busier than ever making it difficult to arrange for parent-teacher meetings. With e-mail, parents can communicate with their children’s teacher if they have immediate questions or concerns.

And pre-teens and teens can e-mail their teachers with a question they have for a project or assignment they’re working on. This is especially useful for kids who are too shy to ask questions during class.

When using technology in the classroom the teacher now becomes the encourager, adviser, and coach.

Being Comfortable With Technology

Because most of today’s kids have grown up with computers, they have a certain comfort level when learning new programs that we didn’t have when we were younger (or for some adults, even now!).

Many children are acquainted with computers before they even enter kindergarten. Computers have become increasingly prevalent in the modern classroom. As a result, when they see computers in the classroom, they’re less likely to be intimidated and more likely to feel right at home.

Technology Teaches Responsibility

Owning your own device or borrowing a school device provides students the opportunity to enhance their decision-making skills and take ownership of a valuable computer device. This teaches responsibility and builds confidence.

School Networks Must Be Monitored And Managed For Security And Reliability

One of the sad mistakes we see is when schools allow new devices in the classroom, but don’t take the necessary steps to properly secure and support their networks. Not only does this cause interruptions and frustrations, but it can result in viruses or malware being introduced into the school IT infrastructure.

Many schools buy and deploy new tablets or laptops, only to discover that nothing works because their Wi-Fi network couldn’t support these devices. With tight budgets, they can’t afford this kind of mistake.

A secure and reliable IT and Wi-Fi network is essential. Wi-Fi systems must be configured to align with the devices students and teachers are using.

Wireless networks cost a lot of money to design, deploy and manage. So how do schools with almost no available budget get what they need?

With Wi-Fi solutions and services from an IT provider like Insight Technologies, everything will be implemented, deployed, and monitored for reliability and security so educators can concentrate on teaching and not on IT interruptions or downtime.

The majority of students in schools and classrooms in Fargo and throughout the Red River Valley use computers and some form of Internet access. With the complexities and vulnerabilities of today’s IT environment, schools can no longer depend on individual employees or break/fix tech services to manage IT infrastructures. To ensure that their computer devices, Internet access, and networks are all operational and secure, today’s schools require the services of a reliable outsourced IT Provider.

An outsourced IT provider:

  • Helps schools keep their technology and computer support costs under control.
  • Allows for a school to have the best service and support available from an IT team with an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, versus hiring internal IT staff with limited knowledge.
  • Offers school administrators a trusted technology professional that can guide and help them make strategic technology decisions.
  • Keeps an eye on a school’s entire network making sure issues are addressed before they become big problems.
  • Will do whatever it takes to keep a school network secure and operational 24 x 7.

This also allows schools to budget for their technology over time and predict exactly what they will need to deliver the best class of service to their students and staff.

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