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If you get voicemail during business hours – please leave a message with your name, phone number, and a description of the issue you are having. The first available dispatcher will respond and help resolve the issue or provide an estimate of when they will be able to support your concern.

Create a Ticket Online

Although this may seem longer than picking up the phone – it can lead to faster support in many cases. If all technicians are on calls they may be able to see the issue and resolve it – even while on the phone with someone else. Service requests created online are routed internally to create a Service Order.

Priority Service Email

Sometimes forwarding an email, with a screenshot or without, is the fastest way to let us know there is a problem. All emails are then loaded as a Service Request, work scheduled, and a technician assigned.
Please do not email technicians directly, as they may be out of the office or assigned to a project when your email is sent. Using the designated service email helps ensure the first available technician will be there to assist you.

If something isn’t working the way you expect it to – Let us know. Our staff is here to help. During regular business hours, whichever method you use to contact us for support, we should respond within 30 minutes.

Please print our support request PDF and post at your workstations so that every staff member will know how to reach technical support quickly.

Technology Information

Please log off of your machine each night but leave it powered on. You may turn the monitor off, if you would like.

IT-Global will perform support operations on your machine during off hours. Leaving your computer on when you go home helps our staff do several things. First, we will keep your machine running at optimal performance with a scheduled maintenance routine. Next we will complete important software updates so they aren’t a distraction for you during the day. This includes Microsoft patches, Office patches, antivirus updates, Adobe Reader updates, java version updates, and Internet Explorer.

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