Do you know how secure your password is?

If you use the internet, you've setup passwords on several sites. But how secure is that password? Even if the site you are using isn't compromised, your password may already be part of a known password list. Password thieves are selling and trading their password lists with each other. Since people have a tendency to use the same password on several sites, your password may already be on a list.

What can you do?

  1. Check your password against a well known password list at: If you find your password is on the list, immediately change your password at the site that uses that password.*
  2. Start using a password manager. Tools like; LastPass, DashLane, or 1Password work well to store your passwords. This allows you to use more complex passwords and not need to remember them. You only need to remember the one password to access the tool.
  3. Use a different password at each site: Your bank, Facebook, Twitter and email accounts should all have different passwords. This way if one site is compromised your password at the other sites won't be compromised.
  4. Use a password generator to create complex passwords. You can use this site to create complex passwords: or, the above tools have password generators in them too.

*Don't worry about entering your password in this test tool. We don't know any other details about you, or where that password is used.

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