We’ve probably all heard of someone that has lost email from some form of unmanaged email account. Google Apps, Office 365 and Exchange Online are all excellent affordable services to support your business communications needs. However, they also have their issues.

Although the aforementioned communications services are robust, and they are very reliable, they are not immune to humans making mistakes. There are several human issues that uptime and reliability cannot address, such as; file deletions or corruption, and what-if. What-if they did happen to go down?

File deletions, whether accidental or malicious, are a concern. If your mail solution, whether in the cloud or on-premise, should have the ability to restore at least individual mailboxes, if not just individual messages. People make mistakes, they delete messages, folders or entire mailboxes and if not caught in time, there may be a need to rely on a backup to restore from. If a departing employee decides to “clean up” on the way out, or has been planning their departure for a while, there may be a need for some recovery.

Message corruption can happen too. Possibly caused by humans, possibly by technical issues, the matter at hand is, you have a message without any content, and that content is important. Again, a well-planned solution should be in place to recover those messages at least back to the last saved state.

What about all the personal email services out there, such as; GMail, Hotmail, yahoo or even your free account from your Internet Service Provider. The key here is “free”, you get what you pay for, and if you take the time to read the fine print in their agreements, most likely it is best effort support, or no support at all. Even our personal mailboxes can be important to us, but printing those messages out does not solve the problem. Saving them to your desktop doesn’t work either, there is a point where this quickly gets unmanageable. Take the time to evaluate your mail flow, where the messages are stored and how you are using what is being provided. Sometimes just a small change in your workflow creates a built-in backup, sometimes we can leverage a free or nearly free service to backup. Either way, it needs consideration.

So, how important is your email? If you find value in your inbox, back it up. Not sure how, reach out to a member of the Insight Technologies, Inc. Team and we will help you assess your current risk.

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