By Sarah Paul, Web Project Manager

Thank You, Insight, For Supporting Our Professional & Personal Growth.

I wanted to share a great experience I just had. I was lucky enough to be invited to a Women Connect FMWF Chamber event by a wonderful businesswoman in our community. The presenter was Heather Ostrowski, Client Relations Manager at Preference Employment Solutions, and Speaker at Shoes of Life.

Heather was truly motivational. She discussed issues and mindsets that can negatively affect our ability to balance work, home, our expectations and life overall. I feel this is especially difficult for women today. Doing business and building professional relationships is so much more than a handshake and a sale.

In her “Shoes of Life” presentation, she explained that as we go through life we wear many shoes, both literally and figuratively:

  • Baby shoes – where we find the courage to try something new. We can use this experience to support and lead others through life as they brave something new.
  • Casual shoes – where we are comfortable in our roles, but must beware of getting burned out or becoming complacent.
  • Worn-out shoes – These represent life’s challenges that we must overcome. And when we do, to embrace these events.
  • High heels – When we wear “them” we feel appreciated. And, how wonderful it feels to both give and receive appreciation.
  • Tennis shoes – When we feel inspired.
  • Clown shoes – representing the benefits of laughter.
  • Flip flops – Allow yourself a time out! She explained how to do this and when you need to.

Heather reflected on her own journey, both professionally and personally. She not only normalized uncomfortable topics, she shared her experiences with humor and warmth.

Her message helped me see that so many local women are facing the same questions and struggles, and to celebrate what I’ve accomplished – That having to always do more shouldn’t be the end goal if it means the important moments get lost along the way.

Shoes Of Life Presentation

I left the presentation with a renewed energy to live my life with greater intention, take time for myself, and hug my family every chance I get. She also inspired me to recognize the influence I have, and how powerful it can be to lead by example in all areas of my life.

I just recently found out that Heather’s presentation, Shoes of Life, is so inspirational that it has evolved from a 10-minute presentation to a full weekend retreat and everything in between. I believe one reason for this is that she not only has over 20 years of experience in management, recruiting and connecting with people, but that she prides herself in seeing the best in people, and encouraging them to live to their fullest potential.

Although I was originally skeptical, I’m finding that Women Connect is a powerful way to not only network but to find like-minded businesswomen who are empowered to create an environment for success. And that it’s wonderful to step out of your comfort zone – laugh yoga? Who knew!

I’m sharing all of this because I’m grateful that Insight is supportive of our employees attending events like this in the community. Thank you, Insight, for urging us to participate in projects that foster our growth both professionally and personally.

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