As VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) becomes more widely adopted, more options are being made available to businesses making use of this technology to get the most out of their hosted telephony. One of those options is SIP trunking – VoIP based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) which allows providers to deliver both telephone services and unified communication to properly equipped clients.

SIP trunking requires that a business has a SIP-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) in place, which is a standard setup for most hosted telephony customers. This means SIP trunking is widely and easily available for your business to put to use.

While VoIP itself is quickly overtaking traditional phone services as the preferred business phone setup, the increase in businesses switching to SIP trunking has a lot to do with the benefits it provides above and beyond a traditional system. Cost savings is a huge factor, and usually, the first thing vendors will mention when introducing SIP trunking to a customer. But it’s far from the only benefit, and is most definitely not the only reason – or even the main reason – businesses are choosing SIP trunking.

There are several great benefits to SIP trunking, including:

  • Scalability – Like most VoIP solutions, SIP trunking services can easily be scaled to match your business’ needs, allowing for additional trunks and channels to be enabled within a matter of minutes of a request being made.
  • Consolidated Network Management – As SIP trunking makes use of your existing data network, its functions can be monitored and maintained as part of your overall IT environment by your IT team, rather than as a separate network and services looked after by your phone provider.
  • Redundancy – Having a failover in place in the event of a service outage can be a lifesaver, and as SIP trunking allows you to use multiple providers, failover capabilities are built right into the service.
  • DIDs – SIP trunking services make use of DIDs (Direct Inward Dials), allowing each employee to have their own SIP line and offering a ton of flexibility and added capability in your calling options.
  • ROI – As a hosted service, SIP trunking comes with a much lower capital cost than traditional phone systems. A much lower initial investment means a must faster return on that investment.
  • Unified Communications – SIP trunking is versatile, allowing your business to make use of Unified Communications, data, instant messaging, and video through a single service.
  • Local and Toll-Free – Your business can easily have both local and toll-free numbers in place that connect to the same SIP trunk. You even have the option of having a local number in place in a city where you don’t have a physical office.

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