You’ve likely been here before – your operation critical software doesn’t play nice with other software, but you still need to get data entered from software A to software B. It started out small, something that was easily handled by various team members when they had the time. But as your business grew, the problem grew. What used to be an afterthought is now an obstacle.

Now you have more than one dedicated resource just to fill the need where your software falls short. It feels like a waste of money and talent to pay someone specifically to do a repetitive task – taking data from A and entering it into B. Repeat for 40 hours a week.

A Solution Arises

Financially, it makes sense to develop a custom integration to replace that manual labor and utilize that staff in other areas of your business where they can make an impact. From a business perspective, it makes all the sense in the world. So you hire a development team to move data from A to B, exactly how your employees were doing it. Except you start to run into problems and the project grows beyond what you had originally expected.

You didn’t think…

… of the few clients who work with you differently.

… of how the data wasn’t just copied, it was modified.

… of the unwritten rules that your employees followed.

… of how your departments operate differently on the same data.

… this would cost so much.

Your simple integration has grown into a complex monster. The cost has grown beyond what your employee cost was, and on top of that, you need to dedicate resources just to fix errors in your data. An integration that was easily definable on paper doesn’t work in the real world.

More Than A Programming Project

The right questions were never asked, and your operation was never fully understood. A solution was created for a problem that was taken at face value, and the most important and complex piece of the puzzle was missed – the human element.

Our philosophy around the integrations that we write stems from our desire to have a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of a business and its employees. We recognize that your employees often do not see the bigger picture as to how their job affects other moving pieces. Without an outside view into your day to day operations, those details go unnoticed.

Business Consulting

We don’t want just to write you an integration plan. We want to become your trusted resource to help you solve all of your business’ technical problems. We strive to ask the hard questions and challenge concepts for your benefit and ours.

It all starts with your idea or need. Let us step in and see where we can take it.

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