Worst advice ever! – We all have that one friend who seems to think they know more about any topic than everyone else on the planet does. They swagger with self-confidence and dole out their pearls of “wisdom” without an invitation.

Most of the time it’s harmless. After all, who cares if the bottle of wine in the cellar without the label is a ’69 or a ’72, right?

But of course, their boundless “knowledge” and endless bad advice doesn’t stop with their “skill” at sniffing wine corks. They want to tell you how to do almost everything.

Here are a few gems we’ve collected from our know-it-all friends…

  • Eating Tide pods and putting the video on YouTube makes you look cool.
  • If you smell the lane stripes at the bottom of the swimming pool, they smell like cherry.
  • Santa wants you to stay up all night Christmas Eve.
  • Ignore the bear at the door. There’s nothing in here he
  • If you get dizzy from spinning, just spin in the opposite direction.
  • It’s not breaking and entering if nothing gets broken.

Yeah. Stuff like that…

But the worst advice has to be from so-called cybersecurity “experts” that tell business owners things like:

  • Only big corporations are targeted by cybercriminals.
  • Antivirus is all you need to keep the bad guys out of your computers.
  • Your employees don’t need any training to work securely online.

The truth is, there are a lot of “experts” out there that just don’t know what they are talking about. What’s worse, honest business owners buy into their faulty advice and get taken to the cleaners – twice! Once when they pay the cybersecurity “expert” for his bad advice and again when they suffer a data breach because they followed that same advice.

So, now you know not to ignore the bear at the door.

What else should you know?

You should read a fantastic e-book produced by the IT security professionals of Insight Technologies. The title of the e-book is, Is your small business truly safe from Cybercrime?

In this informative and current e-book, the staff of Great Insight lay out the facts concerning:

  • The High Cost of Breaches for Small to Mid-Size Businesses — Did you know that nearly two-thirds of small to mid-size businesses are out of business within six months of a data breach? Why is this? Because many smaller companies don’t have the financial and reputation management backing needed to weather a storm the magnitude of an intrusion by a cybercriminal.
  • You Must Take Cybercrime Seriously — Why are cybercriminals targeting small to mid-size companies? It’s simple. Those companies are not equipped to handle an attack. Why? Because they figure that cybercrime syndicates only target large corporations, and they don’t fortify their businesses against a cyber intrusion. The other misconception at play is, many small to mid-size businesses think that their customers will be “mostly okay” if a criminal obtained their information from a data breach. Sure, they know that they’d lose a few customers if the truth came to light, but they are playing the odds that they don’t lose everything. What’s the truth? Personal, confidential data is the new gold. If people trust you with it, and you lose it, that’s on you. You pay the price.
  • Staying Safe Is Good For Business — More and more big businesses are requiring that the smaller companies they do business with have high-level cybersecurity protocols in place. Why? Because they know that hackers like to get into the systems of small businesses to find vulnerabilities in their big business partners that they can exploit. Simply put, if your business isn’t secure and you are doing business with a larger entity, you are a security liability to that bigger To keep a good business relationship, you need to ensure your security.

In This Vital E-Book By Insight Technologies You Will Learn More About These Essential Eleven Steps To Cybersecurity For Business.

1. Make A List Of All Devices That Connect To Your Network

2. Maintain Your Hardware And Software — Up-To-Date With The Latest Patches And Releases

3. Implement Mobile Device Monitoring (MDM)

4. Use Tough Encryption

5. Ask Your IT Provider To Conduct Security Awareness Training For Your Employees

6. Update Passwords Frequently

7. Write It Down

8. Back It Up

9. Schedule And Independent Vulnerability Audit Of Your Network

10. Review Your Outside Vendors

11. Rely On Your Managed Service Provider

In each of these Eleven Steps to Cybersecurity Success, the IT security professionals of Insight Technologies explain the reason for each step and the action/s that a business like yours must take to implement that step.

Sure, you could ask around and see what your friends who lead other companies think you ought to do about securing your company against people who want to steal your money, injure your livelihood, and put your business investment at risk. They might even have some valid ideas… But are they IT security professionals? Do they deal with present threats and horizon-level security dangers every day? Of course not, they’re busy running their own companies. They have IT security people to worry about those things for them – and so should you!

Don’t listen to the guy who tells you to, “Ignore the bear at the door.”

Get professional cybersecurity advice from the people who know IT security the best.

Start now by clicking on the title and reading Insight Technology’s e-book, Is Your Small Business Truly Safe From Cybercrime?

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