It’s an exciting time for your business. You are past the initial planning stages, and you’ve secured your ideal brick and mortar location. All the pieces are in place except for one. You need to source IT support in Grand Forks and Fargo.

Where do you begin to find the right technology team for you? It can be quite challenging trying to source a local managed IT services provider that will mesh well with the culture and vision of your business. You want a firm that is based in the Grand Forks or Fargo areas. After all, a key component of your business is the belief that those who live and work where you do will best understand the people you serve and their specific needs. So, location matters.

But more than that, values matter. You want a computer support team that sees things the way that you do; an IT support company with a commitment to honesty, integrity, and hard work ethic.

So, if you’re a company looking for IT support in Grand Forks and Fargo, what should you be looking for in a computer services team?

The Eleven Best IT Tools for Your Industry

Finding the right computer support team for your business starts with knowing just what services you need. The best IT support companies offer you an all-inclusive approach to your technology needs. What could be better than all of the IT support you need for one affordable, flat-rate monthly price?

Among the services your IT support in Grand Forks and Fargo should offer you are:

  1. Managed IT Services—How much better would your new business be if you didn’t worry about IT issues? The best IT support companies take a proactive approach to your technology needs. Through consistent monitoring and maintenance, top IT support firms in Grand Forks and Fargo don’t need to react to problems because they’ve already headed them off at the pass. With a proactive IT team on your side, there is no fear of downtime or lost productivity. The tools you need are always available and accessible.
  2. Business Continuity—The good comes with the bad, and preparing your organization is a vital role of the business leader. A top IT support team will put a strategy in place to ensure that your data, applications, files, and online assets are protected and still available to you regardless of what is going on around you. Your business needs a service that will quickly restore your ability to do work at your facility, or if required, get you up and running in the cloud so that if you can access WIFI – you can work from another location.
  3. IT Consulting–Every company, large and small, has to make decisions that will impact their profits, their employees, their customers, and their future. A vCIO from a top quality IT support team in Grand Forks or Fargo comes alongside your executive team to give the IT perspective and the technical knowledge that will inform your strategic business decisions.
  4. Cloud Services–Cloud technology replaces traditional computing methods and gives a functionality and power that is unparalleled. Cloud services are more flexible and scalable than traditional IT services and will grow with your organization as it matures. Your computer support team can help you maximize the potential of the cloud, enabling your company to be more productive than ever before.
  5. Cybersecurity–Delivering accountable results for your business is what a quality IT support company should bring to a relationship with your company. But those accountable results shouldn’t come with outrageous IT repair bills. Your IT team should carefully maintain, manage, and monitor the security posture of your online assets for an easily budgeted monthly fee. They should make IT security easy for you so that you can move confidently into your company’s future.
  6. Pay as You Grow—Why pay for services that you don’t need and can’t use? Your IT support team in Grand Forks and Fargo should offer you customized technology solutions to meet the scale of your business. But the beauty is you don’t need to remain status quo with your services. As your business grows, so too can your IT solutions. You can have all of the technology that you need when you need it and at a price point that is affordable for your
  7. Web Design—A leading IT support team will help you leverage search engine optimization, build online sales platforms, and even implement workflow management systems for your behind-the-scenes employees. They will also assist you in building a website with an online presence that instills a sense of confidence.
  8. Server Virtualization–Virtualization changes the way you do business. Your workflow becomes simpler. By using one piece of hardware – either physical or virtual – you can run multiple virtual machines. Less hardware means lower capital expenses and operational expenses.
  9. Business TelephonesInternet-based business telephone systems are more flexible, mobile, and feature-rich than their landline competitors. With the right, IT support in Grand Forks and Fargo you can have all the functionality of your current phone system AND save money every month!
  10. Office 365The best IT support team for your Grand Forks or Fargo business will have the Office 365 professionals on call to help you efficiently migrate to Office 365 and work efficiently within the Office 365 environment.
  11. Data Backup and Recovery—The best computer support teams use a unique system that automatically and regularly backs up all your vital information. Then for added protection, they offer offsite storage. With offsite storage, your data is safe from criminal activity, human error, or natural disaster.

Why Outsource Your IT to a Technology Company In Grand Forks or Fargo?

You might think that a lot of those services are things you just don’t need and can’t use. Is outsourcing your IT to a professional technology team the right thing for your business?

It’s a good question.

The bottom line is — any leading IT support firm is going to customize your IT suite to fit your business like a glove. The beauty of a company offering many different services is that as you grow your technology needs will change, and with a company with many different options to bring to the table, you will have many more quality services available to you when the time comes.

Build your business with an eye to the future. What you need now will not be the same as what you need in five or ten years’ time. The right technology company can provide for your needs now as well as the needs that will arise later.

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